My name is Boris,

This site is all about business tactics that give you a license to Bill.

Yes that is a spoof on license to kill. My point is simply that this website is business related. I like to study the latest and greatest books and information on how to increase your business.

This is simply a place where I can force myself to share the information that I learned. In doing so it will help me drive home the information into my own head.

Plus, it’s a way to give back to others without expecting anything in return. You know… The sowing and reaping principal.

It’s all about making sure that I’m selling some good into the world. I believe this will return to me, but if it doesn’t at least it’ll help somebody. And it’s a good reason to keep writing.

So often I am guilty of reading a book and then setting it down. A month or two after the time that I spent reading it, I can barely remember anything from the book. Usually my take away is maybe 4% of the information that I learned.

That is why am hoping to be able to retain a little bit more if I write about the subject so I learn about.

I hope you check back often and find out what I’m up to.

My background is that I have always been in sales and marketing for different companies. I simply have never run my own company until now. I don’t really want to mention the name of my company just yet. It’s a bit of a secret. I am using this website to a degree as a case study as well. I don’t want to let the cat out of the bag too early.

What I’ve learned since I began my own company is that there is a huge difference between being an employee and being the owner. it’s not just whether you’re punching a time clock or not. It’s the stress, the risk, and the sense that everything floats or sinks by your hands.