Remembering to Value and Honor

A Story of my Youth

When I was a kid, I remember my mom coming to the school and giving a presentation about the telephone company. She ended up retiring from the telephone company called Southern Belle. She was there for 27 years.

Anyways, I remember when she came to the school I remember being so excited about her talking about her job.

It sounds kind of weird but it not only was a time for her to shine, but also was time for me to shine regarding my classmates.

These days we take telephones all for granted, but back then telephones were more cutting-edge technology.

I guess the equivalent would be something like having a parent that work for Apple or Microsoft these days. It was pretty cool.

After she finished doing her presentation, I remember helping her pack up. She told me that she needed to get to the bank before it closed. We ended up leaving and while we were at the bank I asked my mom if I could get a piece of gum. Remember the days when only $.10 separated you from that special piece of colorful gum in the perfectly round gum jar?

I remember slipping the dime in and sliding the lever over. It dropped out a beautiful array of colorful Chiclets.

I pop them in my mouth and didn’t think twice about it. We left and went back to the school. At this point my teacher was tutoring a child in the classroom. She had a strict rule that we could not disturb her while she was tutoring.

The problem was my mom needed to go and she kept wondering why I was taking so long. I came out to the car and as she was a bit agitated she told me why aren’t you ready to leave?

I told her my books are in the classroom and I can’t go in the classroom right now because Mrs. Stanley is tutoring.

She told me just to be quiet and go in. So, I went back and I tried. As soon as I walked in the door Mrs. Stanley told me you know the really you need to get out. You have to wait outside until I am ready for you.

I went back to the car and I told my mom what happened. She was getting upset so she got out of the car and flung the door open into Mrs. Stanley’s room and said why can’t my son just get his books?

She explained the policy. My mom could care less.

I eventually did get my books but as I was grabbing my books Mrs. Stanley noticed that I was chewing gum. What was worse than the no disturb sign on the door? Chewing gum in her classroom.

She told me I had to go home and write I will let you gum 1000 times.

I might be exaggerating right now. I am not sure if it was 1000 times. It might’ve only been 500. But needless to say it was a big deal. I was pretty upset and when I got back to the car my mom noticed. She asked me what happened. I told her about the gum thing and she told me you are writing anything.

She said I bought you the gum and if need be I’ll write it.

If I remember correctly she went back in and asked the teacher about the gum policy. They got into an argument which resulted in a discussion with the principal later that evening.

My mom was so adamant. She did not agree with me having to do any extra work. I remember my dad trying to calm her down but that just didn’t happen.

Years later I remember the story vividly because that day my mom was special. I mean she was special every day. But, on this particular occasion not only did she bring fascinating information to the classroom, but she also stood up for me against a teacher that was pretty reckless with her authority.

I felt like I couldn’t lose. It was one of the greatest feelings ever.

Today as I head over to pick up my daughter from school for a little lunch date, these are the thoughts that are rolling around in my head. I hope that the time that she spends with me having lunch are special is that moment was for me with my mom.

I guess at the end of the day we all want to feel special. My mom made me feel special that day and I hope that I will make my daughter feel special today.

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