Breaking the Sound Barrier of Business

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Breakthrough business strategies.

I have come to believe that in building any type of business, you need to be aware that you’re willing to go through a cycle. It is a pattern that is repeated over and over again.

Here is how it works:

  • Sow like you mean it (learn from farmers)

You work really really hard, you don’t see any results, and then when you least expected… Breakthrough.

I am serious when I say I have seen this over and over again. It is sort of like being a farmer, right? Farmers sow tons of seeds. They water, they cultivate. Looking out across the land it appears as if nothing will ever grow there.

Then, breakthrough. You begin to see this small sprouts or green appearing in the soil.
Once the farmer this, it is not time to slack off. It is time to continue to cultivate to water and to care for the sprouting plants.
I believe business is just like this. We often get discouraged early in the process. We don’t see the results that we want, so we give up.


  • Stick with it

What about when I’m feeling a bit down about the progress of my business, I try to remember this word picture. It helps me sustain myself. It helps me remember that it is just a matter of time. If I continue to do the activities that I know produce results, then eventually I will receive a harvest.How about you? Have you seen this at work in your business life? I remember when I began working for a pathology company. I was spending time out in the field every day knocking on doors and trying to generate more business. Months went by with very little results.

  • Don’t Quit

I gave up. I ended up quitting. Upon my exit interview, they asked me if I would like to know how much I earned from the sales that I made. I didn’t realize that I had much in the way of sales. But, I found that some of those accounts that I have been relentlessly trying to cultivate that actually grown and produced the hardest.

I still left that company but years later I returned to pick up where I left off. I built it into a huge company and was rewarded tremendously.

It just goes to show that if you consistently take action with discipline, you can obtain your goals.

I hope that this blog post is encouraging to you. I hope that you can glean some wisdom from it and apply it to your own life and hopefully you will experience what I have.

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